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The Masters Apprentices - Undecided

Masters Apprentices were a real cool psych/garage band from Australia. This particular single was somewhat recently reissued by Ugly Pop Records  and it has been sitting on my shelf for ages because my record player was outta commission. Now that it’s up and running again I have been listening to this 7 non stop and can I just say that this song is so punk??? And it was released in 1966?????? The grunts, the crunch, the riffs, the energy, so cool.


David Bowie- Life On Mars?


The B-52s - 52 Girls

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Tom Waits “Return of Jackie & Judy” (Ramones cover)


Hell yea heck yea finally organized (most of) my music

Sound’s a little off on this at parts, but really neat live video of “The Passenger” from some time in the 70s (during the days Iggy still needed to be carried straight into the performance, evidently).

Voltage - Hold On I’m Comin’

Got a collection of lesser known/obscure garage discs at work today, a few of which were these awesome 60s Japanese garage comps. Real cool stuff.

Lou Reed in Australia, 1974.

"Oh, I love journalists."

The Cramps - God Damn Rock and Roll